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Soft Source Technologies Pvt Ltd

Soft Source Technologies Private Limited is established in 2013 with business focus of IT Development and Training. We are an ISO: 9001:2015 certified organization. Our broad portfolio, core proficiency and specialization are:


Digital Education Services


Turnkey IT Solutions


e-Governance Solutions


Technical supports for Data Centre Installation & its Management

We have experience & Expertise of highly qualified professional team backed by an esteemed advisory council consisting of former Vice Chancellors, eminent professors and industry experts, having State-of-the-Art development centre in Chennai. We have unique strength to combine the learner needs and newer technologies. Our innovation & development goals are aligned to New Education Policy 2022 in engaged and enhanced learning process.

We innovate cost-effective digital learning solutions, along with integrated platform for learning and training. Our development is powered by technology - to infuse ICT into Appropriate Areas of Quality Teaching and Learning, bringing products, machineries, equipment and the industry virtually into the class-room and learner’s environment.

Our objective is to create conducive and effective learning accentuate with the visual expression and thinking of Youth, by integrating learning requirements into existing critical thinking across educational streams at all levels.

Learning Solutions

We develop learning solutions for different stream of Education such asK12, Higher & Technical Education. Dynamic content, module covers the entire syllabus of respective classes. It is built Book like Structure for detailed content coverage. AI-assisted; Automated Guided Learning is implemented for better retention.

Virtual Lab Solutions

Complete Procedure learning to execute the experiments in Physical Laboratory and in 3D virtual Dashboard. To Understand functionality. , Do your Laboratory Experiments in Interactive 3D Dashboards - as you do in lab. It provides end-to-end interactivity with Step-by-step guidance. Simply, it is making invisible to be visible.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been used for detailed explanation of equipment and for experimental procedures.3D models are developed for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These models are linked to content pages for effective utilizations and details about the models. It has been provided across large number of AR models.

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is utilised to achieve enhanced learning in the form of Automated guided learning. Self-Assessment using AI is added as tool for student to score better.

E- Admit

E- Admit is one of our flagship online application software that helps Institution to manage their entire admission process at zero cost to the Institute


Electronic Governance can be defined as giving Citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services.

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We innovate & develop learning and virtual lab solutions tailored for K12

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