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In the last 2 decades, Digital Technologies have entered deeply into the education sector, particularly, K 12 Education.

It is common knowledge that digital content is viewed as a Text Book in digital format, Video Lecturing, and other primitive Learning Techniques.

The video lectures are very monotonous and boring, thus, achieving very limited success. Hence,

  • We innovated, learner-centric Learning Solutions using Artificial Intelligence (Al), Augmented Reality (AR) and effective purposeful utilization of Touch Screen Technologies with specific objectives.
  • A module for NEET/JEE/ Annual Exam Preparation.
  • A Large Data Base of Q&A is built to Learn, Test and Evaluate.
  • Test Level for Class (+1 Or +2) / Subject-Wise/Unit-Wise Performances of Individual/Cumulative/Relative Including Performance Improvement Indicators
  • SS Topklas is aimed at aiding and enhancing Class Room Teaching and Self-Learning, and will not isolate these core activities of School Education
  • Broad-based solution for all students of the class and supplementing the teaching/learning with effective Technological Aids
  • SS Topklas is customized and mapped to the curriculum — Chapter-wise & Topic-wise
  • Scoring Marks and making learners gain fundamentals and retain the knowledge

Meeting with Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi Career Consultant, Mr.Abdul Mageeth and Dr.Mohamed Nabi

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AI and AR, Assisted Virtual Lab and Digital Learning Solution for different K12 Classes.

  • It consists of 4 modules – Dynamic Content, Virtual Learning, Self-Assessment and Search Engines – promoting, anywhere any time within.
  • Dynamic content module covers the entire syllabus of respective classes. It is built in a book like structure for detailed content coverage.
  • Visual Demonstrations are embedded across the text content for easy access and meaningful interpretations.
  • Example and Exercise problems are explained in visually for better understanding. To provide direct relation of what is studied in classroom with day-to-day life.
  • The learners will be able to move around between visuals and content directly. This offers Engaged and Guided learning in SS TOPKLAS.
  • SS TOPKLAS utilizes virtual and modern technology as its backbone to provide students with “Learning Beyond Imagination” Experience. Also, attain high score in assessments/ board / entrances exams by absolute Learning and Self-assessment.