Virtual Learning

Video Hub

Every Subject has a Video HUB. Visuals are provided for every topic and Sub-topics. Real-life examples are used in visuals of different concepts

  • It also helps to understand the way you draw sketches and practice.
  • The learners will be able to move around between visuals and content directly. This offers Engaged and Guided learning in SS TOPKLAS

Virtual Lab

Do your Laboratory Experiments in Interactive 3D Dashboards - as you do in lab. It provides end-to-end interactivity with Step-by-step guidance. Simply, it is making invisible to be visible.

  • Dashboard also supports parameter variation in the experiment. This will result in performance prediction.
  • More to this is, you can place your experiment setup in your home and execute the experiment.

Augmented Reality

It is taking every space in day-to-day life.

  • In SS Topklas, Augmented reality is developed by using virtual data. It has been superimposed on the real world. It helps to have real form expressions in learning.
  • It includes features of Touch & Play with animations.
  • Reality 3D models are developed for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These models are linked to content pages for effective utilizations and details about the models. It has been provided across large number of AR models.
  • SS TOPKLAS utilized this to give the students, “Learning Beyond Imagination”.